Tour to the production site

AviraKids is a company in the Czech Republic. Our production sites are created in Eastern Europe for economic expediency. Controlling at every phase of production, we create game and entertainment equipment of European quality. We take leading positions, because we always move forward, developing production, increasing the number of paid or free services provided to the customer, expanding the range and offering innovations where they seemed impossible. Today, any customer can verify this personally by visiting “AviraKids” as part of a special tour.производство_авира_01

What are we ready to show?

“AviraKids” operates in accordance with the current legislation, which means that our doors are open to any customer. Together we are ready to walk through each workshop and office, show any stage of preparation of the customer’s business.

Make an application for participation in the tour to the production and office areas of the “AviraKids” and be convinced in quality personally.

Where does the tour take place?

Use any map and look for the center of Perm Krai, Permsky District, the city of krai significance of Perm. The main production of AviraKids is located in here.

avirakids экскурсия на производство_03

“AviraKids” specialists will help to book a hotel, conduct a full-scale tour of production, show all the stages of creating a business, and also get acquainted with a city that has been dating since the 9th century AD. A professional interpreter and friend will be attached!

Do you want a tour of the factory? Leave your application at