Quality of materials

All produced equipment is made of only safe materials. It is up to the latest world standards.

The quality of “Avirakids” products has been confirmed at the international level, the company is a member of the international association of professionals in the entertainment industry.

The Frame, as the base of equipment, is made of steel tubes. The diameter of the tubes is 42 mm and the wall thickness is 2.8 mm. The tubes are covered with special soft material and PVC cloth. We offer 5-years guarantee for the frame and 2-years guarantee for all elements.

The first level of the playground is covered with safety mats, which are made of plywood (18 mm thick) and upholstered with foam and the PVC three-layer fabric. The playground is protected with a grid. Soft play elements are sewed from the imitation leather resistant to fire, light and a frost.

In the Production of such as air hockey, slides, decorative figures, and other elements we use fiber-glass of our own production.