Pirate Ship multifunctional playground in Ulyanovsk city park

ulya1_-1The Avirakids company has completed the production of multifunctional playground called Pirate ship.” The total area of this playground is 450 square meters. It is installed in the “Vinnovskaya Grove” park in Ulyanovsk.

The playing area consists of a large playground larger than 70 square meters with the rope obstacle course installed along the perimeter. Inside the playground there are sports trampolines, slides of various sizes, “wall climber”, and other items for children to play. Kids love to run, jump, roll and «Pirate Ship” fully meets these requirements! Kids feel like real sailors or pirates on this playground!

The rope obstacle course at a height of 1.5 meters from the ground adds even more excitement. On the 68 meters track the following steps are equipped:. “Tibetan bridge”, “Liana”, “Drums”, a “lifeline”, “Vertical bars”, “Spider web” and other. Security is ensured by a safety net stretched around the obstacle course perimeter, and along the side walls.

The completion of the Pirate Ship playground coincided with the end of the reconstruction of “Vinnovskaya Grove” park. Vladimir Trofimov, the head of the district administration of Ulyanovsk, visited the festive opening of the renovated park and praised the new playground made by “Avirakids”.