About Us

AviraKids is a Czech company whose goal is to provide the whole world with quality and safe equipment for a profitable business in the entertainment industry. We produce indoor and outdoor playground equipment, as well as all entertaining and educational units, which it consists of.

Our company situated in Prague, but our production sites are located in Russia today. We supply entrepreneurs with complex products of children’s playgrounds of any dimensions and modification, outdoor playgrounds, soft gaming equipment and attractions, such as mechanical and electric rides, air hockey, air guns, and other equipment.

АviraKids is the member of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA) and participates in the largest professional exhibitions such as Euro Attraction Show, Duman Show Tech, RAPPA Expo and others. We are known as one of the best enterprises in Eastern Europe.

Now we produce children’s playground equipment for installation in the shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, amusement parks and museums, kindergartens, and schools as well as private houses.

The company’s objective is to bring joy to children all over the world!

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Why is AviraKids able to make the project you really wish?

Аvirakids’ background is more than 2500 installed projects for businessmen from 17 various countries: Spain, Estonia, San Marino, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and many others.

We don’t depend on the country and nationality. Our common language is the language of business.

The Avirakids team are managers, designers, engineers, logisticians, marketing specialists. We realize individual projects according to the client’s wishes.

The effective system of collecting feedback let us improve the creation of the following projects. All the received comments are taken into consideration. It helps us to upgrade the technologies and the quality of outputting product.

Get to know our customers. We are grateful for the trust and choice of our products.

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To learn more about our company, watch the video below:

AviraKids is a member of specialized international and Russian associations of parks and amusement rides IAAPA, RAAPA and is a member of the Union of associations and partners of the Russian entertainment industry.
We participate in the largest professional exhibitions.

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