Entertainment center Barco Pirata. Barcelona. Spain

3Barco Pirata center — is a family entertainment center by the sea, where children of all ages will find activities to their liking. The entertainment center is located in the suburbs of Barcelona on the coast of the Balearic Sea.

Barco Pirata opened in October 2015. Its total area is 250 square meters.

The owner of the entertainment center developed the project together with AviraKids starting from the concept and design, to the stage of erection and welcoming the first customers.


The zoning at Barco Pirata is very convenient for children. One of the rooms has an indoor playground; there is a pizzeria and an ice cream parlor nearby. The entertainment complex also has a room with table-top games, a room with virtual reality games, and a laser tag club.


The playing options at Barco Pirata will not leave any kid indifferent — there is the indoor playground, a slide, a dry pool, a trampoline, an air bazooka. All the equipment was supplied by AviraKids.


The playroom has its peculiar characteristic. There are actual companions of pirates — talking parrots Rum and Cola living at Barco Pirata. The birds get along well with children and are always happy to chat with the new visitors.

Svetlana Malevana, the owner of Barco Pirata entertainment center, speaks on her business principles:

“I have been living in Spain for a long time and the decision to open an entertainment center was quite obvious. The Barco Pirata entertainment complex is popular both with the tourists and the local citizens. From my experience, absolutely all children, no matter what country they come from, enjoy the slides, the air bazookas, and the trampoline.

There are quite a lot of children’s entertainment centers in Europe. Usually, these are hangar type premises with high multi-level slides and a simple interior design. I wanted to offer the children something different — captivating atmosphere with a variety of games and activities. The choice of the pirate theme is quite logical, as we live by the sea and there is a beach nearby.

Organization of birthdays brings the main income to the children’s entertainment center and since we are located at the coast and there are always a lot of tourists, the leaflets and other similar advertising activities work quite well here. The word of mouth also helps a lot in promoting our services.

We have plans to add new elements to the playroom, to offer new holiday formats to our guests. Even though the entertainment center is dedicated to the ‘pirate’ theme, we hold completely different thematic events, depending on the wishes of our guests.”

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