Selection of a global manufacturer

Manufacturing of play equipment for children is a serious business, as the safety of our young customers depends on its quality. There are many companies in the global market that just resell the equipment. They are not responsible for quality and safety, as they are not directly involved in the manufacturing process.

An indoor playground is a place where the children play independently, without their parents, albeit under adult supervision. Therefore, the indoor playgrounds should be thought out to the smallest detail and created by professionals. The playability of children’s indoor playgrounds directly affects the payback and profitability of the business.

Own production facilities

An open position of the company helps the clients to determine the right manufacturer in each case. Production facilities of the global manufacturers where the equipment is assembled are open for customers. A tour would allow you to make sure of the reliability of the company and professional experience of its employees. A special safe tour can be organized for the visitors following the key stages of production process.

You can always visit AviraKids production facilities through an online tour or personally.


 Products in stock

The manufacturers usually do not produce a lot of indoor playgrounds to keep in stock, as the customers’ premises differ and usually the same model of an indoor playground is manufactured with a difference in size. It will not affect the price, but will provide safety during operation, ease of installation and will save space.

The manufacturers tend to have the assembling parts which can be used to make the finished set: pipes of different length, soft elements, and other parts. But the content of a play or sports center, like an indoor playground, is not just some simple Lego, but serious equipment which must comply with the safety standards. Components for a two-level and a three-level indoor playground will differ, depending on the load. The same will apply to the outdoor playgrounds and the indoor playgrounds designed for indoor use. All these peculiarities can be taken into account only by a manufacturer.

Therefore, if the seller/manufacturer finds out all the parameters of the room in detail, and offers the opportunity to bypass the columns and corners, you would be able to make the most of the useful area for your business.
Certificates for indoor playgrounds and materials

The safety of children’s indoor playgrounds is directly linked with:

  • absence of toxic fumes emission from the materials used;
  • reliability of design;
  • absence of uncovered sharp and hard components.

Prior to buying an indoor playground, ask the supplier for the certificates for the materials from which the equipment has been manufactured. The materials must be certified and conform to the standards in force in your country. The document would guarantee that the fabrics used for the soft elements and the floors of the indoor playground are non-toxic, that the stuffing material of the soft elements is also safe for children. Hazardous toxic materials exude characteristic unpleasant odour which can be smelled from the distance of up to two meters. The customers would simply avoid leaving their children to play in a indoor playground if they detect the odour.

The smell can be not so obvious, but still if there is an emission of toxic substances, the children might be easily poisoned after just two or three visits to the indoor playground. The parents would find out the connection of the sickness to the indoor playground, visit the doctor, make a complaint to the owner, or even go to court.

When organizing a business you want the profit and the gratitude of the regular customers, but not participating in a legal battle, right?

Design department

The frame of the indoor playground is a metal construction which should be manufactured from high-quality treated pipes and securely fastened in accordance with the design of each model. The manufacturing company should have a specialist on their staff to calculate the load and prepare the drawings for the production department to work with. The design department and the manufacturing company are responsible for the safety of their products.

In addition, the manufacturer’s company has its own design department, which can create 3D models, taking into account the area of the room, the height of the ceilings and other peculiarities of the premises.

The developer together with the designer can create an individual project that nobody else will have. The design and the content of the play center will create a special atmosphere that will make the children ecstatic with joy.

Own production is important when creating an indoor playground individually for each room since there are safety requirements for distances between the walls and the indoor playground borders. If the indoor playground is too close to the wall, then the children can hit it, moving down the slide or running around. If the indoor playground is farther from the wall than it should be, but not far enough, then a child might get stuck trying to get between the wall and the structure. You can, of course, put an indoor playground at a considerable distance from the walls, so that nothing ever happens, but then you lose a significant amount of space which costs money.


It’s important not to have any uncovered hazardous parts in the indoor playground. The children actively move inside the indoor playground: they run, climb, slide down the pipes, etc. Absolutely all hard parts must be covered with soft material, including the pipes used as a frame of the whole structure.

Manufacturing time

If a company claims to be a manufacturer and sets a very short manufacturing time for an indoor playground, this usually means that the supplier has not that many orders, or that the goods have already been produced and are kept at the warehouse, or the goods have been previously in use.


The prices for indoor playgrounds below the market average are suspicious and might serve as a reason to refuse services from the supplier. Components, work, equipment for manufacturing — all this costs money. If a manufacturer sets the price below the market, it means that the company invests fewer resources in the creation of equipment, which will affect the quality and the safety of the customers of your entertainment center.


Manufacturers can install the equipment or supervise the installation, as it influences the final quality of the indoor playground equipment. In course of installation there can be peculiarities known to the manufacturer, but not the supplier. For example, the net should be stretched very well so that the children do not hit the walls around the play complex. The manufacturer will provide the necessary parts and proper instructions for the equipment installation or install the equipment sing own resources.

Those who are familiar with the installation process, order supervised installation. A specialist from the manufacturer’s installation team arrives and oversees the whole process. Sometimes it is important for the owners to install the equipment themselves, to exercise more control over their own business and install the equipment with their own hands, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Finished projects

A portfolio is the main indicator of a good manufacturer. Look for the finished projects on the company’s website. Be sure to check the countries they are located in, to be sure that the manufacturer is familiar with the regional specifics of the legislation and is trusted all over the world.

Finished projects

Portfolio is the main indicator of a good manufacturer. Look for the finished projects on the company’s website. Be sure to check the countries they are located in, to be sure that the manufacturer is familiar with the regional specifics of the legislation and is trusted all over the world.


The manufacturer of indoor playgrounds with a world-renowned name not only manufactures the equipment but can also help to define the concept. Creating a 3D design is not enough for a successful business start. It is the idea and the concept of the entire entertainment center and the indoor playground, as its main part, that generates the interest of the customers. This principle works all over the world.

When opening an entertainment center, some equipment can be purchased not directly from the manufacturer, but the indoor playground is not included in this category. Sophisticated complex equipment, custom-made, taking into account all the peculiarities of the room, will ensure the safety of your customers.

Your most important customers are children after all!

Their safety comes first in all countries of the world.